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Friday, July 17th 2015

Speakeasy Releasing Cans of
Suds Session Ale in August

The second installment of Speakeasy's new Session 47 Series

San Francisco, CA - Suds Session Ale is a unique, frothy suspect, that’s hard to pick out of a police lineup. The beer was inspired by Vienna Lagers, but fermented with California ale yeast. It associates with English Pale Ales, minus the earthy hops. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that Suds Session Ale is a brass colored, light-bodied, malt-forward session beer that’s loaded with flavor. It will be released year-round by Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, on draft and in cans, starting in August.

Approachable, easy drinking, and designed for indulgence over long afternoons, Suds Session Ale is a new member of Speakeasy’s Session 47 Series. The aroma and flavor is reminiscent of baked biscuits, caramel, and fresh dark bread. “Suds is focused on the malts,” according to Kushal Hall, Speakeasy’s Director of Brewing. The beer is made with a blend of American Two-row, English Maris Otter, and a small amount of Carafa and Carahell malt.

Hops were just an accomplice in the creation of Suds Session Ale. Columbus hops were utilized to achieve a mild bitterness at 35 IBU’s, while Cascade and Merkur add a subtle touch of citrus. The beer drinks with a crisp carbonation, smooth mouthfeel, and a hint of sweetness. Finishing at 4.7% alcohol by volume, Suds Session Ale is great choice for long lazy days by the river, beach, pool, or anywhere else refreshment is needed during a getaway.


Quick Facts

Name: Suds Session Ale
URL: http://www.goodbeer.com/session-47-series/
ABV: 4.7%
IBUs: 35
Malt: Two-row, Maris Otter, Carafa, Carahell
Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Merkur
Availability: 12 oz cans and draft, August 2015


Posted by Russ

Friday, June 26th 2015

World's First Craft Michelada...and It's in a Can

(Detroit,MI) – Detroit’s own Atwater Brewery and McClure’s Specialty Foods have released the world’s first craft Michelada – a German style lager with bloody mary seasonings.

The partnership marks the first collaboration between the two growing Detroit brands. “I had been wanting to get together with McClure’s for years, and them with me, but we could never decide how to do it. It had to be big,” says Mark Rieth, President of Atwater. “It was only when we put two of our best selling products together, our German Lager and McClure’s Bloody Mary spices, that we knew we absolutely had to do it – and we’re fired up about it.”

The new Michelada combines Atwater German-style lager with McClure’s Bloody Mary spices. The combination of the two makes for a slightly sweet, semi-salty, tangy concoction with just the right amount of heat. The Michelada is canned at the Brew Detroit plant in Corktown and will be distributed in four-packs of 16-ounce cans via Meijer and Busch’s stores as well as other local retailers. Although there are other Michelada’s on the market from major brands, Atwater and McClure’s suggest this new brew is the “world’s first craft Michelada.”

“The Michelada is shaping up to be a hit for the both of us, and for our city in general. Everybody is thrilled with the product,” says McClure’s Co-Owner Bob McClure. “The partnership is something that people have been asking for for a long time. And now that we’ve got one product out the door, I can’t see us not doing another.”

While the Michelada will be available for purchase around the country starting in late June – it will be making its official Detroit debut at the Atwater and McClure’s Michelada Wrestle ‘Lotta launch party at Cheli’s June 25th starting at 4pm. And everybody’s invited. Attendees can expect a full serving of music, giveaways, and Mexican wrestling inspired by the clash of cultures and flavors that went into making the beer. Its Mexico-meets-Detroit-meets-Germany motif can also be seen on the can’s luchador themed artwork.

Posted by Russ

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

Stone Brewing Filling Crowlers

We've been waiting some time for Stone Brewing Company to indulge us with news that they're going to begin canning. Well, it seems it happened back on June 11th when the San Diego/Richmond/Berlin-based brewer announced that they're now filling Crowler cans.Yes, 32 oz. cans of fresh Stone goodness are now a thing...they're currently available at the brewery's World Bistro & Gardens location in Escondido. 

Posted by Russ

Labels: Crowler

Thursday, June 18th 2015

Indeed Brewing Company Unveils New Can Designs and Branding

Indeed Brewing Company Refreshes Brand Identity with Duffy & Partners

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, - After months of creative collaboration with branding and design firm Duffy & Partners, Indeed Brewing Company unveils the redesigned packaging for its three flagship brands: Day Tripper Pale Ale, Midnight Ryder Black IPA, and Dandy Lager, Indeed’s new flagship beer.

When Indeed decided to refresh its brand identity, working with Minneapolis-based Duffy & Partners was a natural choice. Co-founder and Director of Marketing Rachel Anderson explains, “Our brewery is growing steadily, and it’s important for our brand to keep pace and continue to evolve. Duffy has a top-notch reputation and an impressive portfolio of work. We felt we could fully trust them to help us grow the brand we’ve worked to build at Indeed.”

“Though I come from a long line of Irish saloon keepers, who were obviously all brought up on Guinness, I have a new favorite—Indeed,” says Duffy & Partners Founder and Creative Director Joe Duffy. “It’s been a joy to work with them to bring a crafted quality to their brand that best represents the crafted quality of their brewing, indeed!”

By partnering with Duffy, Indeed seeks to strengthen their existing brand. Bringing the packaging for each beer style in its diverse product line-up under one umbrella will make it easier for fans of the brewery to identify Indeed beer whether it's on a shelf, cooler, menu, or tap tower.

As new cans roll out, consumers can expect a streamlined design, more legible beer names, and simplified flavor notes on cans. The can artwork will continue to feature the distinctly quirky work of local artist Chuck U. The character or creature tied to each individual beer will featured more prominently on the forthcoming cans, inspiring the tagline "We Are Thirsty Creatures Indeed."

The rollout of new packaging will happen gradually as the company works through existing inventory of packaging materials. The first can with the refreshed look and feel to hit shelves will be Dandy Lager, expected at the beginning of July.

Indeed Brewing Company

Founded by three friends and grounded by an award-winning brewer, Indeed Brewing Company produces fine craft beer from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. Fresh-faced and tenacious, we’re savoring each challenge, forging new connections, and cultivating an artfully eclectic line-up of hop-forward flagships, well-loved seasonals, and adventurous specialty releases. We’re not just brewing beer, we’re crafting experiences. We are thirsty creatures, Indeed.

Posted by Russ

Wednesday, June 10th 2015

Ground Breaker Brewing Releasing their Gluten-Free Beers in Cans

Portland, OR - Ground Breaker Brewing, the nation’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery, is pleased to announce the release of their first canned beers. The cans will be available June 13th at the Ground Breaker Gastropub in southeast Portland. The first to be released, Olallie Ale and IPA No.5, will both be available in four-packs of 12 ounce cans. 

IPA No. 5 is brewed with roasted chestnuts, roasted lentils, and Belgian-style candi sugar. A variety of Northwest hops give it a complex flavor profile, including pine, citrus, tropical fruit, and a touch of Crystal hop dankness.

Olallie Ale is a light and dry ale brewed with blackberries and rose hips. A large amount of hops with low bittering potential were selected to give Olallie a delicious taste without a high level of bitterness.

Head of Research & Development, James Neumeister, has made canning Ground Breaker’s gluten-free beer a top priority. “Since we started the brewery, the number one request has been for a 12 ounce package. We are happy to finally give our customers what they want,” he said. Canning Ground Breaker’s beers was made possible by the generous support of fans through a crowdfunding campaign this past winter. They would like to extend a large thank you to everybody who pitched in to make their dream a reality. 

Ground Breaker Brewing is especially excited to offer their newest beer, Olallie Ale, in a 12 ounce can. Neumeister explains, “Olallie Ale was designed from the beginning to be served in a can and on draft. Olallie has been kept light and dry while maintaining a pronounced hop aroma. The rose hips provide the bridge between the hops and the blackberries making it all work.” 

While the award-winning dedicated gluten-free brewery is successfully launching their 12 ounce products, they’re also seeking help from their gluten-free fans in California. The brewery has been unsuccessful in finding a distributor willing to offer their beers in the state. “We have been trying to establish a relationship with a craft beer distributor since last year with no success,” Neumeister said. “The craft beer distributors in California do not seem to believe Californians would want our delicious gluten-free craft beer.” 

Ground Breaker Brewing has decided to appeal to the masses by urging individuals in California to ask their local stores, restaurants, and pubs to please carry their beers. They hope to generate enough interest so distributors will decide to sell their award-winning offerings, especially now that Olallie Ale and IPA No. 5 will be available in an easy to transport 12-ounce package.


About Ground Breaker Brewing
Ground Breaker Brewing is a dedicated gluten-free craft brewery and gastropub founded in 2011. Ground Breaker Brewing’s facility is entirely gluten-free; no gluten is allowed on the premises. The gastropub is located at 2030 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR. Ground Breaker’s beers are distributed in OR, WA, ID, and BC and AB in Canada.


Posted by Russ