- Canned Beer Database - Stats

1611 Canned Beer Database
Total number of beers in the database: 1811
Total number of beers with images: 1416
Different breweries in the database: 440
Different states in the database (including Washington, DC): 50
Different styles in the database: 93
Different container types: 12
Strongest Beer: Big Chuck Barleywine (11.7%)
Weakest Beer: Scotty K NA (0.1%)
Average ABV: 5.9%
Most IBUs: Bitter Bitch Imperial IPA (138)
Fewest IBUs: Summer Solstice (4)
Average IBUs: 43
Brewery with the most beers in the database: Oskar Blues Brewery (45)
Most common style of beer in the database: American IPA (316)
State with the most beers in the database: Colorado (230)
State with the most breweries in the database: Colorado (42)
Total number of retired cans in the database: 200