About CraftCans.com

What is CraftCans.com?

CraftCans.com is a site dedicated to news and reviews for the "Canned Beer Revolution". Here you'll find a database of all craft beers available in cans, information about new canned beer releases, unbiased reviews of canned craft beers and lots of other things related to canned craft beer.

Who is responsible for CraftCans.com?

CraftCans.Com was founded in early 2009 by Russ Phillips with help from his brother Kelly.

Russ Phillips has been scribbling down his thoughts about beer for too many years. Along with running CraftCans.com he is also a contributor to BCCA's Magazine, CanTech International Magazine, and CraftBeer.Com. He is a member of the North American Guild of Beer Writers and a big fan of all things craft beer. He lives with his wife, two kids, and two dogs in Portland, Maine. He works a real job to pay his bills. In 2014 he released his first book, CANNED!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can and is currently working on Vol II. 


Kelly Phillips was instrumental in designing much of the framework for the site from scratch and continues to play a behind the scenes role when it comes to design and layout. He also came up with the logo for CraftCans.Com. He lives with his wife and cats in Stockholm, Sweden. He works a real job to pay his bills.

T.K. Reinke is our "Midwest Can Man." An experienced can collector and serious craft beer lover, he provides writeups and reviews. He lives with his wife and two boys in Michigan. He works a real job to pay his bills.

Why a website totally devoted to canned beer? 

We found ourselves being drawn more and more to canned craft beer just as it was beginning to take off. As there was no other site solely devoted to this we decided to create one. As more and more breweries choose cans our database continues to expand. We'd like to think of this as a resource for craft beer lovers, can collectors and anyone else who happens to find themselves on the site. If you can think of ways to improve the site please let us know!

Doesn't canned beer taste "metallic"?

No. The aluminum cans used to package beer have a water-based polymer lining that eliminates any metallic contamination or flavors. Most brewers who package their beer in cans suggest that the beer be poured into a glass - just like beer in bottles. If you drink directly from the can you'll certainly taste the aluminum against your lips. 

What are the benefits to canning craft beer?

There are a lot of benefits and a quick scan of the internet will showcase many of them. Below are just a few:

*Cans actually lock in the flavor of beer better than even dark glass bottles. No light penetrates the cans and the seal is tighter than a bottle cap. Thus, your beer tastes fresher longer. 

*Cans are more environmentally friendly. They are easier to recycle and require less packaging.

*Cans are cheaper for the brewery and distributor to ship. Cans don't break.  

*Cans are easier and more convenient to bring along on outdoor activities such as camping, disc golf, hiking, a day at the beach and any other activity that affords you the luxury of enjoying good beer!

*Cans get colder quicker and take up less space in your fridge! 


Dave Chichurra (L) and CraftCans.Com's Russ Phillips (R)