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Sunday, January 30th 2011

AVBC to can Hop Ottin' IPA,
Changing Artwork on other Cans

Some exciting canned beer news out of Boonville, California...

Anderson Valley Brewing Company has announced they'll be releasing their Hop Ottin' IPA in cans for the first time as well as changing the can artwork on the cans of both their Boont Amber Ale and Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema beers. Anderson Valley first released their Summer Solstice in cans in 2009 with Boont Amber following last year. They also can their Poleeko Gold Pale Ale but no word yet on whether that will see a new aluminum outfit or not.

Release dates for these beers are as follows:

Boont Amber Ale – Feb. 1

Hop Ottin’ IPA – Feb 1

Summer Solstice – late March

Poleeko Gold Pale Ale - ???

Anderson Valley Brewing's first three canned offerings

Cheers to Adam over at beernews.org for breaking this story earlier today.

Posted by Russ

Sunday, January 30th 2011

Silverback Pale Ale
(Wynkoop Brewing Company)

Silverback Pale Ale was released in cans for the first time this past summer. The beer itself was produced in an effort to raise money for the Denver-based Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. A full 50% of the profits from the sales of this beer went to the organization. 


From the Wynkoop Brewing site:

"Hand crafted in 20-barrel batches, Silverback Pale Ale has a comfortable 5.5% ABV and a balanced hop finale of approximately 40 International Bittering Units. It is made with American two-row malt, crystal malt, specialty malts and four US hops. The beer’s rich aroma comes from a trip through Wynkoop head brewer Andy Brown’s “Hopinator” hopback device, filled with 10 pounds of whole-leaf Centennial hops."

Here we go...


Pour - glowing orange in color with a nice fluffy, frothy white head on top. This has to be one of the brightest colored pale ales I've seen. So much yellow and bright orange standing out.


Aroma - a bit of malt, some hay or grass notes, definitely some lemon and orange zest and some relaxed hop aromas. Not a huge hop nose but it smells inviting nonetheless.


Taste - first sensation is sweetness on the tip of the tongue with a bit of spiciness and hoppiness on the back. Some bitter citrus flavors are present but in no way are they dominating. This is actually a very easy-drinking beer with enough hoppiness to hold your attention and balanced enough for even the biggest hop-ophobe. 


Overall - I quite enjoyed this brew. Nice flavors and mellow enough for a quiet beer on a Sunday evening. I could enjoy quite a few more of these to be honest. 

Would I buy more of it? - perhaps. I am a hop-lover at heart so I might be swayed at the last second by a bigger IPA but who knows. I'm an impulse shopper at heart.

Note - Wynkoop also sponsors a 5K run in which all participants wear gorilla costumes. All proceeds from this event also go to help mountain gorillas in Africa. Good on ya' Wynkoop!



Silverback Pale Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
Brewery: Wynkoop Brewing Company
Denver, Colorado  
United States  
Container: 12 oz. can
Malts: American two-row malt, crystal malt, specialty malts
Hops: Centennial
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 40
Date: January 30th, 2011

Posted by Russ

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Labels: Pale Ales

Monday, January 24th 2011

Drink a Can of Craft Beer Day!

Today's date, yes today, is one that should mean a lot for all of those of us who enjoy canned craft beer. It was on this date, January 24th, 76 years ago that the first can of beer was sold in Richmond, Virginia back in 1935. In honor of this monumental event we've decided to make today, "Drink a Can of Craft Beer Day"! This means before the stroke of midnight you should do all that you can to celebrate by enjoying a can of craft beer. 






Posted by Russ


Saturday, January 21st 2011

Ellie's Brown Ale
(Avery Brewing Company)

Dogs are one of the greatest things about life. So is beer. Put them together and you've got a way into many a person's heart. Much like Smuttynose's Old Brown Dog Ale, Ellie's Brown is a tribute to a special dog that played a big part in the life of the brewery's owner. Cheers to you Ellie and to all the dogs out there that have left a mark on our lives. 

From the Avery site:

"This beautiful, deep russet brew has the sweet and somewhat nutty character of Adam Avery's late (1992-2002) Chocolate Lab, for which it is named. Crystal and chocolate malts give this beer a brown sugar maltiness with hints of vanilla and nuts, while subtle hopping gives it an overall drinkability that's second to none, just like Ellie!"

Here we go...


Pour - as far as brown ales go this one is on the deeper, darker end of the spectrum. Very, very dark brown with some shades of red popping up when held to the light. The foamy, bubbly head is mocha-esque in color. Looks like a nice malty treat.


Aroma - brown bread dough, coffee, Oreo pie crust and plenty of delicious malty sweetness. The smell is definitely inviting. Must...drink...this...beer!


Taste - ahhh, delicious malty goodness. Plenty of flavor has been packed into this easy to enjoy brew. Besides the solid malt profile you'll find some dark coffee flavors and bitter chocolate as well as dark molasses and brown toast. Put it altogether and you'll find a smile on your face.


Overall - one of the better brown ales I've had that is for sure. Everything hits its mark and this one just tastes great and leaves you wanting to crack open another can as you finish that final little drop at the bottom of your glass. 


Would I buy more of it? - I definitely would, although my wife would probably drink it before I did. She loves brown ales and she loves dogs.


Note - Avery currently cans four of their beers. If you're lucky enough to live where they distribute them you should be on the look out for their IPA, Joe's Premium American Pilsner, White Rascal and of course their Ellie's Brown Ale.


Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Ellie's Brown Ale
Style: American Brown Ale
Brewery: Avery Brewing Company
Boulder, Colorado  
United States  
Container: 12 oz. can
Malts: Two-row barley, chocolate, Munich 10L, caramel 120L
Hops: Bullion, Fuggles
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 17
Date: January 22nd, 2011

Posted by Russ

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Labels: Brown Ales

Friday, January 21 2011

Q & A with Pete Cornils
(President of the BCCA)

When CraftCans.Com went live a little less than a year ago we had no idea where the interest in the site would come from. One group that has been very supportive has been the folks who collect beer cans as a hobby. We've had the pleasure of being in touch with a number of collectors who've provided information, photos and a mutual resounding passion for their hobby. Recently we've been in contact with Pete Cornils, the President of the BCCA (by far the largest organization for beer can collectors). In an effort to shed some light on the BCCA, and the hobby it does a great job organizing, we thought we'd ask Pete some questions. Pete, being a very nice guy, agreed to answer them for us. Cheers Pete!


(CC) Please provide a little background on the BCCA

(PC) The BCCA began in St. Louis in 1970. Originally a beer can collecting club, the name was the Beer Can Collectors of America (BCCA) until 2003. Beer can collecting became very popular during the 1970s and remains a popular and fun hobby.

the BCCA publishes a bi-monthly magazine

Now called the Brewery Collectibles Club of America, the BCCA is the premier brewery collectibles club in the world, offering a first class magazine Beer Cans and Brewery Collectibles, collectors’ books & resource guides, a website & forum, and an annual convention to its members. The BCCA’s longevity, influence, and popularity have helped establish beer-related memorabilia as serious collectibles.


CC) How did you become active in the organization and eventually President?

(PC) In 2000 I was elected to the club’s Board of Directors. I also served as its Marketing Committee Chairperson for two years and wrote for the magazine. Eventually, I became interested in helping steer the organization at a higher level and was selected to be the club’s Secretary in 2008, VP in 2009, and President in 2010.

CC) How many members does the BCCA now have?

(PC) The BCCA has over 3,500 members worldwide and is growing.


collector cans given out at CANventions

CC) What is a CANvention©? 

PC) CANvention© is an annual three-day hotel convention/trade show put on by the BCCA. Up to 1000 members and guests attend in order to have massive amounts of fun while acquiring brewery collectibles for their collections.

CANvention© includes three-days of main floor and room-to-room hotel trading, brewery tours, seminars, display contests, a craft-beer swap, an entire night of craft beer tasting, theme parties, business meetings, and an awards banquet.

CANvention© usually takes place in a different city each year and occurs around Labor Day. This year’s CANvention is in Covington, KY, September 1-3.


CC) How has the recent craft beer switch to cans impacted collectors and the hobby as a whole?

(PC) Yes, the craft beer switch to cans has had a positive impact on collectors. Craft cans are new and exciting and thus have garnered much interest among hobbyists. Both long-time and newer collectors are avidly collecting craft cans. Many hobbyists have also embraced drinking craft beer, so it’s a wonderful marriage of the two interests.

"Many hobbyists have also embraced drinking craft beer, so it’s a wonderful marriage of the two interests."


(CC) Has the BCCA worked with, or reached out to, the craft breweries that can their beers in any way?

(PC) Indeed, the BCCA implemented a “Corporate Sponsorship Program” several years ago to strengthen relationships between the BCCA and craft breweries.

There are many local craft breweries that support BCCA Chapter events. BCCA Chapters that benefit from craft brewery support will in turn sponsor the breweries’ memberships in the BCCA. They further direct their members to patronize the brewery whenever they buy beer. We believe it’s a successful symbiosis.

Although the BCCA wants to strengthen it’s connection to all craft breweries, craft breweries who are canning their beers are especially exciting for our members because of our long association with canned beer.

In addition, the BCCA maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date craft brewery listing that you can find on the internet. 


2007 BCCA "Can of the Year"

CC) What is the "Can of the Year" award? How is it selected and have any craft cans won this award?

(PC) Since 1972, the “Can of the Year” award has been given to breweries to honor excellence in design.

Each year the BCCA’s 108 Chapters around the world nominate cans that have come to market during the past year and have appeared in our magazine. The nominees are then voted upon by the BCCA membership. The award is announced at CANvention©.

Craft cans have won every year since 2006. Keweenaw (2006), Schell’s and New England (2007), Maui (2008), New Belgium (2009) and Bayern (2010) have been the winners.


"...Craft cans have won every year since 2006."


(CC) What would you say is the best part of beer can collecting?

(PC) For me, finding a cool can for my collection creates a certain excitement. I suppose it’s like the excitement any person gets when they find some kind of treasure.

Another great part of beer can collecting is the social interaction with other collectors. Sharing beers and then trading the cans equals instant fun, friends, and camaraderie!


CC) Do you think canned craft beer is here to stay?

(PC) Absolutely. Although beer can manufacturers have been touting the superiority of cans over bottles since 1935, it now seems almost old-fashioned to assert that beer tastes better from bottles. Can advocates appear to have finally won-over the hearts and taste buds of craft beer fans!

Years ago, I think small brewers were simply priced-out of expensive packaging such as cans. But now it’s different. When you can charge $12 per six-pack, the packaging cost becomes less of a concern.


(CC) What was the last great beer you had?

(PC) A Rochester Mills IPA in a 16-ounce can! YUM!

Cheers Pete!


Posted by Russ

Thursday, January 20th 2011

Virtual Review Cards Are Now Up!

We've now updated all the reviews with CraftCans.Com "review cards". It was a lot of fun putting these together and if you ever collected baseball cards they might provide a few memories. You can check out all 100+ craft canned beer reviews and their respective review cards by going HERE!


the front and back of a Dale's Pale Ale card (if one existed)

Posted by Russ


Tuesday, January 18th 2011

Triangle Belgian Golden Ale
(Triangle Brewing Company)

Our first canned brew from North Carolina. Triangle Brewing starting canning last year and have put two  beers in cans thus far. Interestingly enough they chose two Belgian-style beers to can. We like it! This relatively strong, 8% is a serious beer, Belgian-style Golden Ale really piqued my interest when I saw they were going to send it down the canning line. I'm guessing we'll be seeing more and more stronger beers in cans as people get used to the idea. Cheers!

From the Triangle Brewing site:

"This strong golden ale measures in at 8% & showcases a variety of the ingredients and brewing methods that help differentiate Triangle beers. The Strong Golden is fermented at a higher temperature than our other beers adding an undercurrent of fruitiness (although there is no fruit in the beer). Very lightly filtered, the Golden exhibits complex mouthfeel, strong malt flavors, a spicy hop presence and soothing alcohol warmth, followed by a clean, dry finish. It is excellent with food as well as served by itself. Bronze Medal Winner at 2009 Carolina Championship of Beer."

Here we go...


Pour - definitely golden in color with a softness to it that makes it look almost cloudy. The head is relatively thin and stark white. 


Aroma - spicy, sweet, fruity, apricots, peaches and some hint of apple. The fruity aromas are definitely to be attributed to the yeast strain being used and really make this beer smell great.


Taste - spicy, sweet and dry. Lots of soft fruit flavors with some hints of cardamom. The sweetness is like that of apple or sparkling apple cider or pears. Very subtle flavors for a beer as strong as this. The finish is dry and light on the tongue with only a bit of sweetness left on the palate. 


Overall - very nicely done and quite a surprise to find it in a can. This should hopefully encourage more brewers to put some stronger or more unique brews in cans. 


Would I buy more of it? - definitely, I wish I could buy more of it up here in New England!


Note - Triangle Brewing also cans their Belgian-Style White Ale. 


Monk Scale:
(See All Rated)
Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Triangle Belgian Golden Ale
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Brewery: Triangle Brewing Company
Durham, North Carolina  
United States  
Container: 12 oz. can
Malts: ???
Hops: ???
ABV: 8.0%
IBUs: ???
Date: January 18th, 2011

Posted by Russ

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Tuesday, January 18th 2011

More Michigan Brews Headed to Cans

It's getting pretty hard to keep up with all the recent canned beer related announcements! Thanks to all of you who've been passing along news, we really appreciate it. Here is the latest on planned canned craft beer releases from the Wolverine State, a state with a very strong craft beer presence. 

Here we go...

Keweenaw's Old Ore Dock Scottish Ale coming soon...

Keweenaw (KEY-wah-NAW) Brewing Company in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula announced that they'll be adding another beer to their canned lineup. You should look for Old Ore Dock Scottish Ale in cans sometime soon. The brewery is also adding another conditioning tank to help with their expanding needs. I don't have an image of this can thus the question mark above. If anyone has an image please pass it along (thanks to Don Moore for the image).

"A traditional Scottish ale, this darker beer focuses on malt color and flavor with hops being almost imperceptible. This ale, aged with American Red Oak, finishes crisp and a wee bit sweet."


Milkshake Stout

Rochester Mills Beer Company, which does their canning in Royal Oak by way of MillKing It Productions, has made plans to can their Milkshake Stout. Like their Cornerstone IPA, this one will come in 16 oz. pint cans. 

"The combination of four different malts, along with a low hop level, creates a dark beer featuring roasted flavors of coffee, caramel, and chocolate.  The addition of lactose (milk sugar) adds complexity, body, and a residual sweetness lending a smooth, creamy texture to this full-flavored brew."


Brik Irish Red Ale

Speaking of MillKing It Productions. The folks in Royal Oak have announced plans to can their second beer. You can look for Brik Irish Red Ale in 16 oz. pint cans to join their already available AXL Pale Ale very soon. 

"Whereas hops are the star in AXL, the complex harmony of malt dominates this easy drinking Red Ale. Five different malts are skillfully blended to create a medium bodied, crowd-pleasing ale. The nose breathes caramel, malt and complexity. The beer is medium bodied, has the appropriate alcohol of 4.8% and is definitely a beer deserving the title, “session beer”."

If we missed any Michigan brews in cans please let us know. If you know of any other canned craft beer news please feel free to pass it along! Cheers!

Posted by Russ

Monday, January 17th 2011

San Diego's TailGate Beer
Announces Distribution in Cans


The Official Beer of Tailgating™ is the first San Diego-based
brewing company to offer craft beer in a can

(San Diego, CA) January 17, 2011 - San Diego-based craft brewing company, TailGate Beer, has announced that the first shipment of 12-ounce cans of its Blacktop Blonde will arrive in San Diego and be available to consumers by the end of January. The first-ever San Diego brewing company to offer award-winning craft beer in a can, TailGate Beer bridges the gap between the unique characteristics of craft brews and the “drinkability” of mainstream beer enjoyed by most consumers in the form of cans. 

“I’m very excited to be bringing our 12-ounce cans of TailGate Beer Blacktop Blonde first to our hometown of San Diego,” said owner and founder, Wesley Keegan. “San Diego is renowned for its great craft beer industry and we’re proud to be the first locally-based brewing company to bring cans to the market here and soon, throughout the country.”

Founded solely on his own savings and finances in 2007, Wesley Keegan, a San Diego resident, believes TailGate Beer offers a marriage of both the craft beer loving and tailgating lifestyles.  “People everywhere like to tailgate and the lifestyle it represents - from the big game to a backyard gathering- and we’ve found that consumers want an inexpensive, quality brew that’s going to compliment that casual setting. TailGate Beer provides just that- a hand crafted, award winning beer that is delicious, price competitive and easy to drink in a can!”

Keegan and his late father came up with the idea for TailGate Beer in 2004.  With moral support from his father, Keegan, originally a casual home brewer, initially piloted a few batches of recipes of his own design for entry into the Great American Beer Festival. After receiving recognition and acclaim from his peers, Keegan entered into a contract brewing operation, which has since blossomed into a full-fledged partner brewing agreement. After his father’s sudden passing in 2010, Keegan has moved forward to making his father’s dream for TailGate Beer become reality. Despite impressive growth, Keegan still remains present to physically brew every batch of TailGate Beer, just as his father and he had planned.

Distribution plans include an initial focus on the west coast and the Midwest. In March, TailGate expects to release the gold medal winning Hefeweizen in a can.

About TailGate Beer

Since its founding in 2007, TailGate Beer has created six award-winning hand-crafted ales that combine the unique character of craft brews with the drinkability demanded by everyday consumers. Originally sold in bottles and kegs, TailGate Beer launched 12-ounce cans to the market, beginning in San Diego, in January 2011, eliminating its bottles, while keeping kegs available for bars and restaurants.  In addition to an International Gold Medal for Amber Wave (2010) and the International Gold Medal for TailGate Beer Hefeweizen (2009), all TailGate Beer styles have won California State Awards and numerous local and regional distinctions at Southern California competitions. In January 2011, Maxim Magazine named TailGate Beer’s Blacktop Blonde in its 3rd Annual Beer Awards. For more information visit www.tailgatebeer.com.


Posted by Russ

Tuesday, January 11th 2011

A Collector's Perspective:
Q & A with Bob Renforth
(Craft Can Collector)

Some of Bob Renforth's over 200 craft beer cans!

It's always interesting to see a vast and comprehensive collection of anything. I guess that is why I was totally blown away by Bob Renforth's collection of craft beer cans. He has a virtual museum of modern beer cans in his home! We reached out to Bob to see what drives his passion and to learn a little more about his very enviable collection of craft beer cans. Cheers Bob and thanks for your time!

Name - Bob Renforth
Hometown - Avondale, AZ

(CC) How long have you been collecting, how many cans do you h ave in your collection and what is the can in your collection that holds the most value to you?

(BR) I have been collecting beer cans for roughly 30 years, and have well over 3,000 cans in my collection. I am however, in the process of downsizing my collection as I do not have the space to display it all. I would say my Wooden Shoe cone top from Minster, Ohio is my favorite can. It was my first cone top and my wife had purchased it for my 23rd Birthday. I've had it for 30 years now, and it is the one can I will never part with.



(CC) How many craft beer cans are in your collection? What was the first craft beer can that you added to your collection?

(BR) I currently have over 200 craft beer cans in my collection. Several years ago, Pete's Wicked Ale released their Summer Brew in a can. This I believe was the first time a smaller brewery considered canning beer. Not knowing it at the time I picked it up, I now consider this can as my first craft beer can.


(CC) As a beer can collector, how do you feel the recent switch to cans for many craft breweries has impacted your hobby?

(BR) I believe it is good for both the hobby and the environment. The sooner they stop putting beer in glass bottles the better. More breweries should get on line with canning their products. As environmentally involved as New Belgium is in brewing their beers, I would love to see them go with cans only.



(CC) Do you feel this is inspiring new collectors to get involved in a hobby that may not have a lot of younger participants?

(BR) I hope that it does, however I don't believe the younger generation is into collecting much of anything. I fear that one day, all these collections will end up at the recyclers.


(CC) Are you affiliated with any can collecting clubs or groups? Do you go to can collecting conventions?

(BR) I've belonged to the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA) since 1981. I have been to four Canventions, and they are a blast. The camaraderie among long time collectors is pretty special.



(CC) Typically, what brand of beers do you usually drink? 

(BR) Never being a fan of the national giants since Stroh's went under; I try to drink only craft beers now. Some of my favorites are the winter brews but I love a good Hefeweizen as well.


(CC) Which craft beer can do you most want to add to your collection?

(BR) The next one!



(CC) Is there a craft beer can that has a lot of value to collectors?

(BR) I believe that depends on the individual collector. They may decide to collect only regional cans or maybe just cans from breweries they have visited. The colorful graphics and unique names given to the different beers make it hard to resist any of them. The microbreweries that "can," have a good thing going right now.


(CC) How do you acquire new cans for your collection?

(BR) The internet is a quick way to pick up cans from around the country, and belonging to the BCCA is like having a network of nationwide collectors at your fingertips. As soon as a new can is released the word goes out, and collectors gobble them up. I would suggest to anyone that is just starting to collect beer cans to look into joining the BCCA. You can find out more at www.bcca.com.



(CC) What are your thoughts about the possibility that many more craft breweries will be switching to cans in the future?

(BR) I believe there is always that possibility. As more do, it should bring costs down in the canning process. I do like your article about the "can-collaboration." This may be the ticket for two small craft breweries to join forces in canning their products. I believe that in order for this model to work and still be cost effective the breweries involved would have to be fairly close to the same canning manufacturer. Of course, this is looking at it from the outside in.



Posted by Russ

Friday, January 7th 2011

Magic Hat's Number 9 to be canned!

As reported by mybeerbuzz.com, it appears that Magic Hat will be canning their flagship #9 (an apricot pale ale) sometime soon. Not a whole lot of information is available at this time but the can design is below (the can above is a mock-up based on this design). As we gather more information we'll make it available. It will be interesting to see what other beers Magic Hat thinks of canning in the future. Cheers!


Posted by Russ

Thursday, January 6th 2011

Beer Can Basketball!
Q & A with AJ Severino
(Inventor of Brewski Ball)

Wondering what to do with all those empty cans? Well, if you don't collect them you can have a little fun before recycling them, or redeeming them for more beer money, by playing a little beer can basketball or "Brewski Ball". All you need is one of these hoops and a thirst for canned beer. We caught up with AJ Severino, one of the co-inventors of Brewski Ball, to find out more.

(CC) What is the story behind Brewski Ball? 

(AJ) We (AJ Severino and Steve King), created Brewski Ball in our home town of Kansas City, Missouri by accident a few years ago. We were frustrated with our friends throwing their empty cans in the trash instead of recycling them for more beer money. We found a small copper head collector (a gutter component) left over from a job. We hung it on the wall, placed a recycle bin underneath and told everyone to “make the shot”. After a few material and design changes we created Brewski Ball – Beer Can Basketball in early 2010.

the original Brewski Ball hoop

(CC) How do you play?

(AJ) Brewski Ball is simple:

1. Drink

2. Crush (or don't)

3. Toss

the "Brewski Totem"

(AJ) But you can also play typical basketball games like H.O.R.S.E and Around the World. You play with the same rules but if you completely miss the backboard and bucket then you take a drink. The loser usually grabs the next round of beers as well. Our personal favorite is "21" which must be played on a Brewski Totem (pictured above). Detailed rules are on our site (www.brewski-ball.com/rules.htm). Bottom line, make more shots than your friends!


the new and improved Brewski Ball hoop


(CC) How are the Brewski Ball "hoops" made?

(AJ) We make the buckets from 28 gauge galvanized sheet metal. A pattern is cut from a flat sheet, bent and pop-riveted together. We then powder coat each one so the cans don't scratch them. The buckets then are screwed to an oak plywood backboard.


(CC) How can they be customized?

(AJ) The customer can choose their own bucket color and backboard color. We have most color combinations, but if they don't like the colors we have available, we will be glad to make a new one. Once you own your Brewski Ball you can add any team logo that you want. We are not currently able to sell licensed NFL, NCAA etc stickers but we are working on it.


a customized Buffalo Bills Brewski Ball hoop


(CC) Do cans need to be crushed to play Brewski Ball? (some states don't want you to crush them before you recycle them)

(AJ) No, you can toss non-crushed cans but they don't work as well as a perfectly crushed one. 

In 2009…

• 96.6 Billion Aluminum cans were sold in the US

• 33.4 Billion were “alcoholic” cans

• 55.5 Billion Aluminum cans were recycled (57%)

• 41.1 Billion Aluminum cans (1.2 Billion pounds) were NOT recycled

Brewski Ball increases recycling rates by 100% when used properly


(CC) How can people get their own Brewski Ball hoop?

(AJ) Please visit www.brewski-ball.com or call 816-896-6324


(CC) What does the future hold for Brewski Ball?

(AJ) We are really excited about 2011. We are heading to Las Vegas on January 17th through the 20th for the largest tailgate and sports licensing show to sell direct to sports shops and tailgate stores. We are also working on some very exciting concepts with a fellow Kansas City inventor that has a cooler that launches cold beer cans by remote control called Shoot A Brew. Talk about craft beer can heaven! 

Shoot A Brew!

(CC) We here at CraftCans may need to get a Brewski Ball hoop with our logo on it to try it out! Cheers AJ! Great invention! Best of luck!

Posted by Russ

Thursday, January 6th 2011

Double Haul IPA
(Kettlehouse Brewing Company)

Yet another canned brew from the great state of Montana. Do canning breweries outnumber bottling breweries in Montana yet? It's got to be close. I'm looking forward to diving into this one...

From the Kettlehouse site:

"Double Haul® IPA scores big with our hop-headed friends. Of course, the folks at NABA agreed, awarding it a gold medal at the 2008 brewfest. Brewed with lots of hops and a solid body, Double Haul® IPA is a beer lover’s dream. After a couple of Double Hauls you’ll feel like you’re out with your buddies and it’s FISH ON! for both of you. Cascade hops for flavoring and finish provide a mouthy cascade of hoppiness!"

Here we go...


Pour - bright golden with some orange and reddish hues. Nice fluffy head atop this very nice looking brew. Plenty of lacing inside the glass and near perfect carbonation levels. 


Aroma - plenty of green goodness from the cascade hops. Some dark sugar aromas as well as pineapple and lemons.


Taste - Citrus and pine meet with plenty of malty sweetness backing them up. Some grass and hay notes as well. Not an overly complex IPA, but then again many of them aren't. Plenty of hop flavor and very easy drinking. A solid IPA that is for sure.


Overall - a nicely put together West Coast style IPA. Its not over the top hoppy and is nicely balanced. 


Would I buy more of it? - certainly. This is definitely a beer worth seeking out to give it a try and as with the others Kettlehouse cans, its a quality brew.


Note - the term "Double Haul" refers to a fly fishing casting technique designed to add speed and length to a cast. To learn more about this go HERE!


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Double Haul IPA
Style: American India Pale Ale
Brewery: Kettle House Brewing Company
Missoula, Montana  
United States  
Container: 16 oz. can
Malts: ???
Hops: Cascade
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 65
Date: January 6th, 2011

Posted by Russ

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